Crisis Evil


A beat 'em up starring characters from Resident Evil


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Crisis Evil is a beat 'em up where you can choose between playing as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine to face off against the unending hordes of zombies infesting Raccoon City.

Gameplay is very simple: you have to kill anything that steps in your path without thinking twice. And there are plenty of enemies to go around: at first, there are only zombies, but soon dogs and 'lickers' show up to join the fray.

Each character has his or her own special abilities, and is controlled in a different way. Chris punches and kicks and only brings out his shotgun when he performs a special attack (forward, forward, attack). Jill, on the other hand, always uses her pistol, and takes out a knife for her special attack.

Crisis Evil is a pretty entertaining arcade game that, despite the attraction it has from using elements from the Resident Evil saga, ends up getting a little monotonous. The problem: too many zombies that are too strong and appear too frequently.
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